Kalender Cosmetics aims at bringing a new perspective to the cosmetics industry. Kalender Cosmetics analyzes the needs in the industry so that we can offer the most appropriate product based on your demands and formulate it with the best R&D teams.

With our research-oriented purchasing department, we carry out the packaging and boxing of your products with the widest selection of domestic and international options in a way that best reflects the position of your products in the market.

We add different dimensions to the products with the invaluable contribution of designers exhibiting the all creativity after internalizing the demands. We enable you to have your dream product by working with the most competent manufacturers.
We are not a Conventional Manufacturer

We are not manufacturers, we are good researchers. We are rather a consultancy company which, on your behalf, searches how to produce the most quality product in the most appropriate and beautiful way and manages these processes professionally. We are a creative team that is open to new collaborations, new ideas, new methods and formulas. We are the professionals handling the cosmetics sector with its all dynamics and creating value in terms of marketing.

R&D Let us formulate your dreams. We work on creative formulas with competent R&D teams and present you with the samples. We develop high quality content by choosing the suitable market conditions. In our product development process, we obtain products with the right strategy based on your needs. PACKAGING We find the best package model by searching various national and international packaging types for the target market and product groups. We offer the most suitable packaging for your products among the options of jars, glass bottles, tubes, special-design perfume bottles, plastic packages, make-up packages, cleaning products packaging, bamboo packaging, aerosol packaging, candle packaging, etc., with the best size, shape and color. PRODUCTION After all the stages are approved by you, we work with the best manufacturers who have expertise in your product range. We start and manage the production process as soon as we choose the most suitable and highly-qualified manufacturer with all production documents among various manufacturers. SHIPPING After all necessary controls are completed, we organize both domestic and international shipping of your products so that you can receive them on time.


What is "PRIVAT LABEL" Version 2?

It is a new version that we have developed by eliminating the deficiencies and limitations of PL system mostly run by the manufacturers. In this conventional PL system, when you contact with a manufacturer, you have to proceed with the business partners and employees of the manufacturer in all stages. In this version that we have developed we proceed by selecting the most appropriate ones among various options in each stage.



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